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  • Implementation

  • Implementation is the starting block of every project; we’ll work with your organizations executive team to understand goals and overall plans. We’ll also work with key security and IT staff to get a complete understanding of daily operations. To assure your organization fully maximize our system both your administration and security staff will be fully trained.

  • Once your organization and Guests Check has established an agreement we’ll conduct a workflow analysis, customize system configuration, training and go-live support.

  • Training and Support

  • We’re dedicated to making sure all of our clients maximize our system to it fullest potential. With our easy to use and user-friendly system we know every organization will be able to achieve this goal. We offer hands on training to every member of the security team to ensure full adoption and job responsibility is met. We also offer online support tools, including job aids, system documentation reference guides.

  • A Safer and Smarter Way to Greet Visitors

  • Guests Check allows you to welcome your visitor with class. We provide a modern easy to use touch screen visitor software system. We know how important it is to protect the health information of each resident. Guests checkhighly secure check-in process allows you to protect both residents and staff.

  • With the electronic requirements in the long-term industry Guests Check allows you to capture clear and real time documentation of every visitor entering and leaving your facility.

  • Guests Check Dashboard

  • Everything you need to know about visitors and residents at your facility. Our dashboard allows members from your security and administration team to always be informed

  • Number of active visitors in facility

  • Recent Check-outs

  • Facility Census

  • ADT tracking

  • Reporting

  • No more trying to decipher messy handing, missing pages from sign in book or flipping through hundreds of pages to locate visitation history. Guests Check offers a full comprehensive list of reports that facility can easily generate.